Best Ways to Redeem American Express Membership Rewards Points
Best Ways to Redeem American Express Membership Rewards Points

The time has come. After two years of patient waiting, our scores have quietly soared, and the world has finally opened up. If, like us, you put the majority of your time into locking down programs and getting the most out of the new American Express Rewards Points offer, now’s your chance to redeem your rewards.

Long-haul international flights at the end of the plane are probably the first thing that comes to mind, and there’s no doubt that business and first-class seats on some of the world’s top airlines are one of the best ways to enjoy American Express Membership Rewards points. But how far can you take your point elsewhere? Before the wheels even leave the asphalt, you can trade your hard-earned points for all sorts of goodies, and those benefits last long after you reach your final destination.

We sent John to Phuket, Thailand with an American Express Platinum Card to show you the five best ways to redeem American Express Membership Rewards points from Boss Hunting.

Get new gear

What better reason to refresh your travel gear than with the remaining Membership Rewards points? From a new set of luggage to noise-cancelling headphones, when you need it, you’ll almost certainly get it by redeeming your Membership Rewards points in some way. Of the three essential items we were eager to buy before our flight, we quickly discovered that all of these brands can be unlocked with American Express Rewards.

John has a brand new GoPro Hero 10 (yes, up to 10 now) for all underwater activities and a $750 (150,000 points) JB HiFi gift card. He wears a pair of AirPods Max around his neck, which he bought directly from Apple with a $900 Apple gift card (180,000 points), and his new 574 from New Balance for $140 (28,000 points) through The Iconic gift card ) purchased. All gear without clues has never been easier. Discover all the retailers that redeem American Express Membership Rewards points for gift cards here.


Redeem premium long-haul flights

If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that when you have the opportunity to maximize your enjoyment of life, you have to seize it – international travel is a great example. When it comes to the sheer distance we have to travel to the rest of the world, Australia always fails. But now, with excess Membership Rewards points in your account, you can redeem them for premium seats on nine different long-haul airlines, allowing you to travel in comfort and style anywhere.

John redeemed 130,000 American Express Membership Rewards points for 65,000 THAI Royal Orchid Plus miles. That got him a window seat in the Royal Thai Silk class on the non-stop Boeing 777 service from Sydney to Phuket for just $93.48 tax. Super persuasive. A day flight of about 9 hours offers two delicious meals, the third-best crew in the sky (according to Skytrax), a reclining seat and all the amenities you could possibly hope for while savoring the sweet life at 36,000 feet .

Indulge in some luxurious digs

In a destination like Phuket, your money and points can make a big difference. If you still have a lot of Membership Rewards points in your account, or want to redeem premium tickets for even more premium savings, there are a variety of incredible accommodations available online through American Express Travel or its Fine Hotels & Resorts service.

John made $1190 (238,000 points) for a night at the palatial sea view pool villa at V Villas in Phuket for his special date. With high ceilings, sunken tubs, walk-in robes larger than most condos, and direct access to the pool from the bedroom windows, Phuket’s Panwa Peninsula really doesn’t have a place you’d rather be. Dedicated butler service is on call, spa treatments are always available, and the incredible rooftop bar is an absolute must-see in itself; after the sun goes down during prime time, funky tunes are played and delicious cocktails are shaken.

If you’re familiar with the American Express Travel website and have a flexible schedule, you can imagine staying in such a private poolside oasis for $850 per night (170,000 points).

Unleash your thirst for adventure

Equipment, flights, hotels—the American Express loyalty program has certainly been very helpful. But of course it doesn’t stop there. With so many booking platforms now offering accommodation experiences, mid-term customers might forget that you can also book a ton of live events through operators like WebJet and Luxury Escapes.


Redeemable gift cards for each partner give you access to thousands of must-do experiences around the world. Just name the city. For John, Phuket has no shortage of wild and magnetic cultural attractions, but the absolute highlight is undoubtedly the famous Phi Phi Island.

The notoriously beautiful but equally crowded chain of islands, closed to tourists for the past two years due to the pandemic, has reopened – but as of May 2022 – still without the chaotic tourism industry to match. As the flow of international tourists gradually changes from a trickle to a stream, you must do everything possible to experience the beautiful national park in a low-key way. Simba Sea Trips offers a sunrise tour of Koh Phi Phi by speedboat, allowing you to reach all the beautiful beaches and crystal clear lagoons before everyone else. John booked it with a $200 WebJet gift card (40,000 points) and didn’t even feel the pressure. It’s a great way to offload a small amount of points when you’re not sure what to spend.

Enjoy luxury accommodation at home

Well, not to mention that you don’t even have to take out your passport to enjoy the benefits of the American Express Membership Rewards program, that would be an oversight on our part. Book a short weekend at one of American Express Travel’s many hotels, then treat yourself to a day that’s arguably as beautiful as anywhere in Thailand.


Sydney Seaplanes fly from Rose Bay to a variety of fine dining restaurants in the Sydney area, but we thought we’d be a little closer to home, taking a scenic flight over Sydney Harbour and then enjoying one of Sydney’s most famous restaurants, Catalina in Rose Lunch Bay. Coincidentally, right next to the seaplane jetty.

The 20-minute flight will take you directly north over Manly, before turning around and circling over world-famous Bondi Beach. Then west, the crow flies to the Harbour Bridge and Opera House, giving passengers stunning views of the port city from just 500 feet up, and just 100,000 points for two to redeem for a red balloon voucher.

Stop on the boardwalk outside the restaurant for the biggest Hollywood show ever, then enjoy a delicious 3-course lunch overlooking Catalina Harbor, also conveniently available from RedBalloon, for which you will both receive a total of 60,000 Point of $300 gift certificate.

To learn about all of the American Express Rewards partners, visit the website below and browse through our two most popular American Express cards – Platinum and Explorer.

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