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Coming soon: What’s in store for the Delta Sky Club

Coming soon: What's in store for the Delta Sky Club

Coming soon: What’s in store for the Delta Sky Club


Delta is building more state-of-the-art Delta Sky Clubs and expanding existing clubs to provide a better experience for guests who want to relax while on the go.

“We create premium experiences in our lounges, making each club a coveted part of the journey,” said Claude Roussel, managing director of Delta Sky Club. Collaborating with local artists to incorporate new culinary elements, we are constantly finding ways to create experiences and atmospheres that Delta customers love.”

Here’s what Delta Sky Club guests will soon be able to enjoy:

1. Major clubs in the LAX and New York-LaGuardia airport networks

The Delta Sky Club team maximizes capacity in key markets and plans for long-term growth. That’s why Delta Air Lines has just established its biggest and best clubs in New York and Los Angeles, two key hub airlines that continue to invest in ground facilities and in-flight experiences.

Delta’s new Sky Way, a recently opened club in LAX’s Terminal 3, will accommodate more than 500 guests, while New York’s LaGuardia Airport will open in June at Delta’s revamped Terminal C. The new Delta Sky Club will be larger and will accommodate nearly 600 seats to provide space for guests.

At both clubs, customers will enjoy multiple food and beverage stations, thoughtful design styles and seating options to suit their various needs and preferences.

2. Opening of new locations and club expansions at domestic and international airports

Another new Delta Sky Club will open this fall at Terminal 5 in Chicago O’Hare, while other clubs will open at Nashville, Boston and Atlanta airports this summer.

Outside the U.S., the Delta Sky Lounge at Tokyo’s Haneda International Airport, suspended due to the pandemic, is scheduled to open in early August. Delta will be the only U.S. airline with a lounge in Haneda.

3. Dining options that focus on local characteristics

Partnerships with local producers and talented chefs will delight guests of select clubs interested in fine dining. The Local Flavor program is now live in Boston and runs June 1 at clubs in Los Angeles and Detroit, with a quarterly rotation of chefs from their hometowns who will highlight some of their favorite recipes for club patrons in transit. This October, Local Flavor will be active in clubs across all hub airports.

4. Exclusive DELTA ONE club planned for JFK and LAX

Plans are underway for the first lounge for Delta One customers. As Delta continues to invest in these important U.S. gateways, Delta One exclusive lounges will open at JFK and LAX in 2023 and 2024, respectively.

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