In the modern world of livestock farming, technology has played a fundamental role in optimizing agricultural practices. Among the many tools available to livestock and other animal breeders, apps for weighing and monitoring animal weight stand out as valuable resources. In this article, we will explore some of the best apps available for this purpose, which can be downloaded and used anywhere in the world.


AgroPeso is an application designed to simplify the process of weighing cattle and other animals on the farm. With an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, producers can record the weight of their animals quickly and accurately. Additionally, the app offers additional features, such as the ability to track weighing history and generate detailed reports. Available to download on Android and iOS devices worldwide, AgroPeso is a popular choice among animal farmers.


Weighs Cattle

Pesa Gado is another application widely used by livestock producers around the world. This app allows users to record their pet's weight individually and organize the data conveniently. Additionally, Pesa Gado offers advanced features such as the ability to calculate weight gain over time and predict slaughter date based on recorded information. With its comprehensive functionality and user-friendly interface, Pesa Gado is an essential tool for livestock farmers everywhere.

Cattle Weighing

Developed especially for livestock producers, the Cattle Weighing app offers a simple and effective solution for monitoring animal weight. With features such as individual weight recording, group categorization and weight trend analysis, this app allows breeders to closely monitor their herd's performance. Available for download worldwide, Livestock Weighing is a trusted choice for producers looking for a convenient way to manage their animals.


Animal Weight

For producers dealing with a variety of animals, the Animal Weight app offers a comprehensive solution for monitoring the weight of different species. With support for cattle, sheep, pigs and more, this app allows users to record the weight of their animals quickly and easily. Additionally, the app offers additional features such as performance graphs and weight alerts to help producers keep their herds healthy and productive. Available to download on mobile devices worldwide, Pet Weight is a valuable tool for pet keepers of all types.



Ultimately, SmartFarm is a comprehensive app that offers a variety of features for livestock and animal producers. In addition to allowing weight recording, this application also offers features such as health monitoring, location tracking and food management. With an intuitive interface and advanced features, SmartFarm is a powerful tool for optimizing your agricultural operation. Available for download worldwide, this app is a popular choice among farmers looking to maximize the efficiency of their farms.

In conclusion, apps for weighing cattle and other animals offer a convenient and effective way for producers to monitor the weight of their herds. With a variety of options available, breeders have powerful tools at their disposal to manage their animals and ensure their health and productivity. With global access through download on mobile devices, these apps are helping to boost livestock farming around the world.