Here, everything you need to know about paying with the Target REDcard
Here, everything you need to know about paying with the Target REDcard


Which offers 5% off purchases, a longer return period and free two-day shipping on purchases made on Target’s website . Cardholders also get early access to special events, products and promotions, and access to exclusive coupons on the REDcard anniversary each year, all with no annual fee.

Get the best deals now faster than ever with the Target REDcard. Download the Target smartphone app to combine Circle offers, coupons and 5% REDcard discounts in the wallet feature. Scan the wallet barcode at checkout to pay. After you’ve applied and been approved to use your Target credit card, review the options for paying with your Target REDcard.

Here is your guide to everything you will need, to know how to make a Target REDCard payment.

Here’s how to make a Target Red Card Payment in person

Recharge your battery with a latte on your Target Store shopping spree – with your REDcard, you get 5% off in-store Starbucks purchases. There, go to the customer service counter and have your statement or Target REDcard credit card ready so the agent can look up your account number. Employees can use the account number to accept and distribute your Target bill payments to your account.


Here’s How To Make a Target REDcard Payment by Mail

Target REDcard credit card holders will receive monthly paper statements in the mail. Customers can tear off the section below and mail in the envelope provided with the Target payment. You should send your payment 5 to 7 days before the due date to ensure it arrives on time.

If you misplaced your statement, please use the following payment address:

Target Card Services
P.O. Box 660170
Dallas, TX 75266-0170

If you are sending a payment minus the stub, add your Target REDcard account number to the remarks section of the check so the payment processor knows which Target customer account to charge.


Here’s how to make targeted REDcard payments over the phone

Another way to pay by credit card is to call the Target REDcard customer service team at 800-424-6888. Follow automated prompts or requests to speak with a Target Guest Services representative. Your payment will be credited to your account within two business days.

Here’s how To Make a Target REDcard Payment Online

To make REDcard payments online, enter your username and password on the Target REDcard login page. Once the Manage My REDcard screen appears, click Schedule Payment under the Payment Information tab on the left side of the screen. Follow the prompts to withdraw your payment from your savings or checking account.

As long as you pay by 5pm. Central Standard Time, published on the same day.

What can happen if I miss a target payment?

The due date for payments made with a REDcard credit card is at least 25 days after the end of each billing period. Missing a payment will eventually cost you more than the 5% you saved on your purchase. So, always pay attention and pay on time.

Pay off your card balance as soon as you realize you missed a payment. The fastest way to pay is online, in person or over the phone. Time is of the essence – you’ll be charged a late fee of up to $39 and APR interest of up to 24.90%.


It’s also important to catch up on your past due balance quickly when it comes to your credit report and credit score. Equifax, one of the leading credit bureaus, said: “The longer you go unpaid, the more damage to your credit score.”

Here’s how To Avoid REDcard Late Payment Fees

There are two ways to avoid late payments and the $39 late fee. The online portal allows you to schedule payments up to 30 days in advance. Alternatively, you can set up Target bill payment reminder notifications to send you an email when your payment is due.

To schedule a Target REDcard payment in advance:

Go to the Target credit card login page and log in with your username and password.
When you’re on the Manage My REDcard page, click “Scheduled Payments” in the “Payment Information” category on the left.
Follow the steps to arrange a prepayment.
To set up email reminders for due Target REDcard payments:

Go to the Target REDcard login page and log in.
Go to the Settings section on the left and click Set Notifications.
Choose when you’d like to receive payment reminders by entering the number of days before your due date in the “My Credit Card Payment Due” option.
When you receive an email reminder, make your Target REDcard payment using the most convenient of the four methods to pay your bills on time.

Can I change the payment terms of the red card?

Changing your target REDcard payment date can help align your payments with your payday or set a due date that is easier to remember. You can change your payment date by calling the appropriate Target Guest Services phone number:

Destination Mastercard: 800-424-6888
Target Credit Card: 800-659-2396
Destination Debit Card: 888-729-7331

Target Bill Pay Benefits

Paying with your REDcard is easy with four convenient payment methods in store, online, by phone and by post. As with all credit card and store loan products, paying off your balance in full and making monthly payments on time builds your balance and saves you on late fees and interest charges, making your 5% savings at Target stores well worth it.

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