A close friend has revealed in a new interview that Charlie Munger reads like a machine, keeps swearing and sparring with Warren Buffett over Costco and BYD. Below are the 9 best offers.
A close friend has revealed in a new interview that Charlie Munger reads like a machine, keeps swearing and sparring with Warren Buffett over Costco and BYD. Below are the 9 best offers.

Mohnish Pabrai shared some new insights into Charlie Munger in a recent podcast interview.

Warren Buffett famously arrogant business partner is very humble and empathetic, Pabray said.

Munger was concerned about Berkshire’s lack of purchases during the pandemic, Pabray revealed.

Charlie Munger’s close friend Monish Pabray offers some personal insights on Warren Buffett’s business partners in a recent episode of the “Richer, Smarter, Happier” podcast.


The head of Pabrai Investment Funds described Munger, known for being outspoken and often critical, as humble and caring. The 98-year-old investor and Berkshire Hathaway vice chairman also swears frequently, reads constantly, and can analyze companies in seconds, Pabrai said.

Munger clashed with Buffett over investments in Costco and BYD over concerns about Berkshire’s lack of capital allocation during the pandemic, Pabray revealed.

Here are Pabrai’s 9 best quotes, slightly edited for length and clarity:

1. “Warren and Charlie really think they’re like us, despite their many accomplishments and accomplishments. You really don’t have an ego.”

2. “Every time I meet God, the F-word flows freely. I’m really surprised that there isn’t an F-word at a Berkshire meeting or a daily meeting because it’s so natural, that’s the way he talks. He never There was no interaction with me that did not involve colorful language.” (Pabray calls Munger “God.”)

3. “He’s got a big stack of books and other readings on one side, and a big stack of books on the other. Charlie’s like a devouring conveyor belt. These things have an engine, never read stack to read stack.”


4. “He’s always moaning and moaning and saying, ‘We’ve got this much money, but we can’t buy anything.’ Or sometimes he’ll tell me, ‘Warren isn’t even interested in buying Berkshire at current prices Stocks are not excited.'” (Pabray recalls his conversations with Munger over the past year or two.)

5. “One of the places where they disagree is Costco. Charlie is trying to get Berkshire to take a bigger position at Costco. From Warren’s point of view, it’s too expensive. Charlie used to say, ‘ Well, there are some things you pay for.’” (Berkshire sold a $1.3 billion stake in Costco in the third quarter of 2021.)

6. “Charlie told Warren that [BYD CEO] Wang Chuanfu was the same person as Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Bill Gates. Warren invested after the third comment, but he didn’t use his own money. This It’s like the way kids talk about lemonade stands.” (Pabrai points to Buffett’s investment in electric car maker BYD through MidAmerican Energy, one of Berkshire’s controlled subsidiaries. Berkshire’s bet yields 30 times .


7. “Sometimes I tell Charlie about the store I’m looking at. He may not have seen the deal before, but he’ll do it in about 10 seconds. I’ve seen how the brain works; How does it work across all models. I’ve been looking for a company for weeks and I’m missing his idea.

8. “Charlie is a very different person when I play bridge with him or have dinner with him than at Berkshire parties, on stage, etc. They are two very different people Man. His emotional levels are high, but he is able to control them. Charlie has had a huge impact on the struggles in my personal life and I find my empathy levels are very high.

9. “Warren Buffett and Charlie understand people very well. You’re very good at understanding human dynamics. If I think Charlie is going to be a great investor, his ability to help me with my personal problems is critical.”

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