Barclaycard has launched two new credit cards that give their customers the opportunity to collect Avios for every £1 they spend.

The Barclaycard Avios and Avios Plus cards are available to new and existing customers and include additional travel benefits.

The free version gives new customers 5,000 Avios as long as they spend £1,000 in their first three months. Existing customers will receive 1,000 points if they spend £1,000 in the first three months.

Customers earn one point for every £1​​ spent. One industry expert described the new cards as “the most generous Visa or Mastercard in the UK”.

New members who sign up for an Avios Plus card will receive 25,000 points if they spend £3,000 or more in the first three months, the equivalent of a flight back to any European city.

Existing customers get 5,000 points for spending £3,000 over the same period.


Customers using the card pay a monthly fee of £20, but earn 1.5 points for every £1​​ spent. Avios can be redeemed for flights, flight upgrades and hotel stays.

What’s more, the premium card is billed monthly – not yearly like American Express – ie H. Once the bonus is awarded, the card can be downgraded.

Rob Burgess, founder of the Head for Points website, said: “There’s nothing stopping you from getting an Avios Plus card for a few months while earning a 25,000 Avios sign-up bonus and then upgrading to a free card.

“You can even downgrade without calling through the Barclaycard app.”

He also advised holders of free British Airways American Express credit cards to cancel and switch to Barclays’ new free Avios card.

For regions that do not accept American Express, all American Express cardholders must carry a Visa or Mastercard.

“Exchange your American Express for a free Barclays card to help you lose weight and reduce the number of credit card bills you receive each month.”

As with a rewards credit card like this, you’ll have to play by the rules or face steep penalty rates — and you’ll have to pay off your balance over time.


Rob warns that if you don’t pay off your balance in full each month, these cards have an “unusually high” interest rate of 20% per year.

“The benefit of any incentives you’ll get can quickly be overwhelmed by interest charges.

“If you can’t balance your credit card balance each month, consider using a credit card with a lower APR, preferably under 10%. You won’t get any rewards, but you’ll be better off.

In addition to the new Barclaycard Avios Plus card (£20 per month), new Barclays Premier current account holders who join Barclays Avios Rewards (£12 per month) as new customers can earn over 80,000 points and two cabin upgrade vouchers . One year – enough for a flight back to New York, Tokyo or Dubai. ”

They also get £5 a month back in their checking account if they hold both products.


“It’s strange how these maps are surprisingly valuable, even for people who never get close to a plane,” Rob said.

“The ability to convert Avios points to Nectar points at a rate of 1.6 percent means that the free Barclaycard Avios can generate 0.8% shopping vouchers.

“That’s 300% to 400% more than a typical UK cashback Visa or Mastercard – Amazon, John Lewis and Marks & Spencer credit cards only cover 0.2% to 0.25% of the general fee.”

Other benefits include annual cabin upgrade vouchers when customers spend at least £20,000 on the free card and Avios Plus customers who spend at least £10,000, as well as Barclaycard entertainment benefits, offering up to 10% off pre-sale tickets at select events and Food and beverage discounts and venues.

Cardholders also have access to Priceless, exclusive to Mastercard cardholders, and offers more discounts on entertainment, culture, travel and shopping.

“After nearly two years of restrictions, Britons are desperate to go on holiday and we’re delighted to launch two new maps that will help customers leave often and see the people and places that matter most,” said José Carvalho, head of consumer goods at Barkers Lay.

“As value continues to be a top priority in 2022, our partnership with IAG Loyalty will help customers maximize the value they get from their everyday purchases, enhance their overall travel experience, and make the long-awaited journey becomes a reality.


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