Victoria secret credit card review
Victoria secret credit card review

Victoria’s Secret (VSCO) is one of the most recognizable lingerie brands in the world and also offers apparel, fragrances and personal care products, and has its own branded credit card – the Victoria Card.

Like many co-branded credit cards, Victoria’s Secret has some advantages for people who shop frequently in stores. Its main competitors are Gap and Lane Bryant’s cards, which have a lot in common.

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  • The Victoria’s Secret credit card is available in stores and on the brand’s website, as well as at sister companies PINK and Bath & Body Works.
  • The Victoria’s Secret Card is divided into three tiers based on how much the cardholder spends each year, and includes different rewards and benefits. 1
  • All cardholders earn one point for every dollar spent.
  • Like most proprietary membership cards, the Victoria’s Secret Card is best for those who regularly buy the brand’s products.

How does the Victoria’s Secret credit card work?

Victoria’s Secret partners with Comenity Bank to issue the Victoria Card. Draper, Utah-based Comenity offers Victoria’s Secret buyers a revolving line of credit. Victoria’s Secret cardholders are rewarded based on the value of their online and in-store purchases.

Where can I use my Victoria’s Secret credit card?

Your Victoria Card can be used to shop online at or in person at Victoria’s Secret or PINK stores. Bath & Body Works stores also accept it, but you won’t earn bonus points for purchases there.

Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Bonuses and Benefits

There are three different reward tiers – Basic, Silver and Gold – reflecting the amount spent over a 12-month period. All cardholders earn 1 point for every $1 of net new purchases on their Victoria’s Secret credit card. Once the cardholder accumulates a certain number of points, the cardholder will be upgraded to the next level.


The first layer is the basic Victoria map. All cardholders earn Triple Points on all BH purchases, free shipping on eligible purchases (over $50) and a Triple Points label of their choice. Additionally, the card is valid annually, and cardholders will receive $10 and a $10 bonus on their birthdays for future purchases.

The second tier is the Victoria Silver Card. Cardholders earn this tier by earning 250 Victoria’s Secret Card Points over a rolling 12-month period. Silver cardholders earn points at the same amount and rate as Victoria Basic cardholders, and receive the same $10 annual bonus and birthday gift, but with additional perks: $10 half-birthday gift and 15% off anniversary Logo discount.

The top floor is the Victoria Gold Card. To be eligible, cardholders must earn 500 points with their Victoria’s Secret credit card within a 12-month period. Additional perks as a Gold cardholder include $15 birthday and half-birthday gifts and a 20% anniversary discount.

Other small benefits and special events may occur each month. In order to maintain the tier, the cardholder must spend the same amount each year; otherwise, the map will revert to a lower tier.

What type of balance do I need for a Victoria’s Secret credit card?

Applicants must be at least 18 years old, have a valid government-issued photo ID, a U.S. Social Security number, and be a U.S. resident with a valid mailing address. Convenience Bank verifies personal information and receives a copy of the consumer’s credit report when deciding to extend credit to potential cardholders.

The credit limit of the credit card depends on the applicant’s personal credit and financial situation. However, business credit cards appear to be easier to qualify than generic cards. Because the Victoria Card is free to own, purchasing and using the card responsibly can be a way for people with limited credit history to build a strong record.


Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Terms and Conditions

Like most private label credit cards, the Victoria Card charges high interest: as of February 2022, the Advertised Annual Rate (APR) is 24.99%. It is a floating rate that fluctuates with the prime rate. No interest will be paid if the cardholder pays their entire balance by the due date of each month and the payment due date is at least 25 days after the end of each billing cycle.

Like most membership cards, the Victoria Card has no annual fee, but has late fees and refund fees. If cardholders pay their bills late, they should be fined up to $41. Refund fees may be as high as $25.

As with any credit card, late payments can affect the cardholder’s creditworthiness. Cardholders should read their Cardholder Agreement carefully for full details.

How to Cancel a Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

You must contact Comenity Bank to cancel your Victoria’s Secret credit card as it is managed by Comenity. You can cancel your card by calling (800) 695-9478 or TDD/TTY at (800) 695-1788. Alternatively, you can send them a message through their Secure Message Center.5


Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Customer Service

Comenity encourages customers to manage their Victoria’s Secret credit card accounts online through the Account Center. The Account Center is open 24/7 and allows you to view balances, transactions, statements and make payments to your card. If you haven’t registered for this service, you can register here.

You can also contact customer service by calling the number above.

Who Should Consider a Victoria’s Secret Credit Card?

For consumers who shop frequently at the retailer, it makes sense to get a business credit card. If you have strong brand loyalty to Victoria’s Secret and/or PINK and are looking for special discounts, applying for a Victoria Card may be a smart choice.

However, please note that loyalty cards can be risky if you are not sure if you will be able to pay on time. These cards have high interest rates, and if you don’t pay off your balance in full each month, their benefits can quickly evaporate.

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