Zales credit card payment How to make
Zales credit card payment How to make

Zales Jewelers opened in Wichita Falls, Texas in 1924. Today, nearly a century later, the company has more than 700 locations in North America. Zales’ diamond cards are one of the reasons the jewelry retailer is so popular. It offers perks like a $50 birthday discount, 10 percent off repairs and service, and free standard shipping.

With your Diamond Card, you can shop online or in Zales stores. As with other credit cards, interest charges will apply to balances not paid in full at the end of the month or promotional period. Additionally, late fees may apply if you do not receive payment on time. How to make a payment with your Zales credit card.

How do I pay my bills?

Zales credit card payments can be made online, by mail, in stores and by phone. Here’s what you need to know about each method.


How to make a Zales credit card payment online

Zales online payment is free. To get started, you must open an online account with Comenity Capital Bank, the Zales credit card issuer, and obtain your Zales credit card login information. That’s it:

  1. Visit the Zales credit card payment website. Click Register for Access. Include your personal and financial information, such as your zip code, the last four digits of your Social Security number, and your credit card number. Then choose a username and password.
  2. After logging in and selecting “Pay”, you will be able to enter your bank name and sorting code, as well as the bank account number you would like to use to pay your bill. You can also pay with a debit card.
  3. Pay at least the minimum amount for that billing cycle.
  4. When you make a payment, it can take up to two days for it to appear on your invoice or statement. However, if you pay online before 6pm, you won’t be charged a late fee. on the due date.

How to pay your Zales credit card payment by mail

If you would like to pay your Zales credit card by mail, please mail the payment coupon to:

  • Facilitation Capital Bank
  • Mailbox carton 659819
  • San Antonio, Texas 78265-9119

How to make a Zales credit card payment over the phone

To make a Zales credit card payment over the phone, please call their automatic payment service 24 hours a day at 844-271-2708 and follow the prompts. Make sure you have your Zales credit card number and bank details to expedite the process.

Overdue and Returned Zales Credit Card Fees

If you don’t pay by 6pm. EST On your payment due date, Comenity Bank may charge your account a late fee of up to $41. There is a $41 fee for refunds.


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