Bank of America Promotion July 2022: Open a New Account and Earn Up to $400
Bank of America Promotion July 2022: Open a New Account and Earn Up to $400

The Bank of America is the fifth-largest U.S. bank by assets, with more than 2,000 branches in 26 states. It offers a range of products for individuals and small businesses and often runs lavish promotions to entice newcomers to bring their businesses to the United States. With bench. You can earn up to $400 by opening a personal checking account or a new business checking account.

How to Get Bank of America Bonuses?

Many banks use cash incentives to attract potential customers, and this group includes the United States. bank. It lured new checking accounts with hundreds of dollars in registered capital.

For the Bank of America Personal Verification Bonus, you typically need:

  • Open an account and make a minimum direct deposit or qualifying trade in the first few months.
  • Log in to Internet Banking or use the US Mobile Banking app.

Below are the currently available U.S. bank account promotions. Offer details are correct as of July 14, 2022.

2022 Bank of America Promotions

Bank of America Check: Earn $400

Bank of America offers a variety of options for consumers who want a new personal checking account. Bank of America checking accounts can be opened online, over the phone or at a branch with a minimum starting deposit of $25.

At the entry level, US Bank Easy Checking is a basic account with a monthly fee of $6.95.

If you’re looking for additional benefits, including reduced ATM fees, this is the US. Bank Golden Check Package. With this account, you don’t have to pay bank ATM fees or pay any fees for the first two non-US bank ATM transactions per billing cycle. The monthly maintenance fee is $14.95.


Finally, when you open a checking account in the US with the best rates and rewards. Banks, you can use the Bank of America Platinum Checking Package, which includes a maintenance fee of $24.95 per month.

What’s the offer Get a bonus of $400 when you open a new Platinum, Gold or Easy Checking account, log in to Internet Banking or US Sign up with the bank and make two or more totals of $4,000 or more within 60 days direct deposit.

What is direct deposit? Bank of America defines direct deposit as an electronic deposit from an employer’s salary or government benefits such as government benefits. B. Social Security. Other electronic deposits and person-to-person payments do not count.

When do you get your bonus? Bank of America says your money will be refunded within 60 days of verifying direct deposit and signing up with online banking or the US mobile app. Bank deposits into your new checking account. Your account must be open and have a positive balance to receive your sign-up bonus.

Is this a limited time offer? Yes. This Bank of America checking account bonus promotion is valid through August 8, 2022.

Is there a promo code? If you’re asked for a promo code when you apply, enter 2022JUL, the bank said.

Can you avoid monthly service charges? Yes, for every personal checking account covered by the promotion.

Simple verification. The $6.95 monthly maintenance fee is waived if your total monthly direct deposit is $1,000 or more, your average balance is $1,500 or more, or you’re 65 or older.

Gold Trial Pack. The $14.95 monthly fee is waived if you have a valid personal loan, line of credit, mortgage, or Bank of America credit card.


Platinum Check Package. The $24.95 fee is waived if you have a personal deposit or balance in the U.S. over $25,000. Banking through US banks and/or investing with Bancorp Investments or if you have a personal trust relationship with the US.

We Bank Small Business Checking: Earn $300

For business owners, Bank of America offers three business verification options, each requiring a minimum $100 deposit.

The U.S. Bank Silver Business checking account package is simple, with just $0 monthly maintenance fee and 125 free transactions (including deposits, check payments, and PIN-based debit card purchases). Further transaction fees are 50 cents.

For business owners with greater needs, the US Bank Gold Business Checking Package offers 300 free transactions per month, with a fee of 45 cents per additional transaction. There is a $20 monthly maintenance fee.

At the top is the Bank of America Platinum Business Checking Account Package. It offers 500 free transactions per month, charges 40 cents for each additional transaction, and charges a maintenance fee of $30 per month.

  • What’s the offer? Open a new platinum, gold or silver business checking account and complete eligible activities to receive a $300 bonus: deposit $3,000 in “new funds” within 30 days and keep your deposit for 60 days; Mobile app or online banking in the US Sign up for Banking; complete five eligible transactions within 60 days.
  • What is “new money”? Bank of America defines it as a cash deposit that has not been registered in the United States. Bank and its affiliates.
  • What is a qualifying transaction? These include debit card purchases, merchant deposits, ACH credits, wire transfer credits and debits, mobile check deposits, and bill payments.
  • When do you get your bonus? Bank of America says your cash will be transferred to your new business checking account within 45 days of deposit verification, but the account must still be open and have a positive balance.
    Is this a limited time offer? Offer valid until July 29, 2022.
  • Is there a promo code? The bank said that the coupon code Q2BUS22 must be used when applying.
  • Can you avoid monthly service charges? Two of the business checking accounts have these fees, which can be bypassed:
  • Gold Trading Review. The $20 administration fee is waived if you: Register with Bank Payment Solutions in the U.S. Commercial banking; average cash balance of $10,000 (money deposited into the account for the month) Average cash balance across all accounts of $20,000 U.S. dollars; or an average of $50,000 in accumulated business deposits and outstanding balances.
  • Platinum Business Check. The $30 maintenance fee is waived if you have an average monthly balance of $25,000 or an average cumulative business deposit and outstanding balance of $75,000.

Are these Bank of America bonuses worth it?

Bank of America’s current promotions are competitive with those offered by many major national banks to new customers.

Since the U.S., however, since the bank only has branches in about half of the states, it may not be for everyone. If you use ATMs frequently, the U.S. ATM network, however, if your bank is inconvenient, consider using a checking account that regularly offers fee refunds for out-of-network ATM use.

What else should you know about the Bank of America Audit Promotion?

These welcome offers are for new customers

If you have a Bank of America checking account or have previously received a Bank of America opening bonus, you may not be eligible for these offers.

If you have a U.S. consumer checking account within the past two years, you are not eligible for a personal checking account bonus. Bank owned or any other US used bank.

Likewise, if you or the business checking account signatory held a business checking account with a U.S. bank within the past 24 months, you are not eligible for a business checking account bonus.

Your winnings may be taxable

Bank of America says they will report your winnings to the IRS on Form 1099-INT. The bank says that promotional funds count as interest income for tax purposes and you are responsible for the tax you owe.

Bottom line

Welcome Offer New Customer Bank in the US is competitive and may be a good choice for you if you live in the 26 state area near one of their 2,000 branches.

You can choose from a range of personal checking accounts and earn $300 just by making a few direct deposits into a new account, signing up for online banking, or using the mobile app. Business owners can raise $300 by opening a new business account and completing a few qualifying activities.

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