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What is the difference between airdrops and hard forks in cryptocurrency?

What is the difference between airdrops and hard forks in cryptocurrency?

What is the difference between airdrops and hard forks in cryptocurrency?


Cryptocurrency experts and enthusiasts are familiar with the terms hard fork and airdrop, but few know the difference between the two. You can visit Quantum Ai to learn about Bitcoin trading mechanics. Cryptocurrency hard forks and airdrops have a significant impact on the spot value of coins.

Any cryptocurrency user has probably noticed an increase in the number of coins in their wallet, which is known as an airdrop. On the contrary, the hard fork is one of the main reasons that may have caused the airdrop to create awareness among members of the cryptocurrency community about the new flange version of the digital coin. The two terms are similar in many ways, but that doesn’t mean a hard fork and an airdrop are similar.

There are significant differences between the two. For example, a hard fork results in a fork of the blockchain; Airdrop, on the other hand, does not necessarily split the electronic ledger. The section above explains some of the big differences between airdrops and hard forks.

Central topic!

A hard fork is a cryptocurrency ecosystem that leads to different parts of the blockchain. The main reason for a blockchain split is that some developers or a group of miners decide to make some changes to the source code of the existing blockchain. Many people modify the source code of existing blockchains to create their cryptocurrencies. But a large part of the community embraced the hard fork.

The protocols of the two parts of the blockchain are completely different, which changes the mining dynamics and system of the blockchain.

Airdrops are one of the main reasons why people face an increase in the amount of cryptocurrencies in their wallets.

Developers of many cryptocurrency models are using airdrops to raise awareness among users about the outcome of the new hard fork.

Cryptocurrency hard fork!

The only reason a cryptocurrency hard fork is such an important part of this community is that it led two forks of the blockchain. The more hard forks a cryptocurrency goes through, the more the blockchain is divided into different parts. For example, the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin has been forked many times, and the Bitcoin blockchain has many parts due to numerous hard forks.

A hard fork is not an independent decision because developers and miners in the cryptocurrency community jointly make decisions about a hard fork. Hard forks are necessary when developers want to expand their cryptocurrency models in different directions.

Due to the hard fork, the two models of a given cryptocurrency are dissimilar in many ways. For example, Bitcoin Cash and original Bitcoin cannot be the same. Halvings and forks mark pivotal moments for the cryptocurrency community, both hard and soft. Hard forks have been the source of a lot of speculation in the industry. The cryptocurrency named after Bitcoin has a good reputation in the market because Bitcoin has a hard fork.

Cryptocurrency Airdrop!

In the cryptocurrency community, airdrops are often referred to as jackpots. Because airdrops automatically increase the number of digital tokens in a few specific people’s wallets, making airdrops akin to a hard fork.

The main reasons why cryptocurrency networks decide to put free tokens into user wallets include initial coin offerings, hard forks, and freebies to increase awareness of the tokens. For example, once a cryptocurrency was hard forked to familiarize people with a new model for that particular coin, the development team decided to put the currency into some users’ wallets.

Airdrops may sound exciting to cryptocurrency users, but not so great for the marketable digital currency ecosystem. Few choose to hold the cryptocurrencies they withdraw from the airdrop, while others try to sell the tokens as soon as they receive them. When people sell cryptocurrencies in large quantities, their cash value decreases.

The section above explains a detailed overview of cryptocurrency hard forks. While Bitcoin XT was the first and Bitcoin Cash the most successful, Bitcoin Gold is also trending.

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